Wearable Technology And Its Benefits


Wearable technology is the next big thing, in and around us and there are many examples for the same. Fitbit Flex is one of such products, which is tied around the wrist like a wristband which tracks your daily metabolic activities like sleeping, eating and other physical activities. This tells you that how much you have eaten, your duration of sleeping, blood pressure, your calories burnt and consumed and many more things. According to a survey millions of these devices would be sold in coming 2 years and the magic has just started.

Once you start using these kinds of products you would be surprised to know that how small physical activities like taking the stairs, taking a short jogging and walking on the road, to reach the nearby restaurant help you burn the calories. These devices come out with the almost accurate results and thus help you to manage you metabolic activities accordingly.

Fitness monitors represent just one segment in a growing wave of wearable technology. The expanding market is slowly making its grip and this industry, which is worth $1 billion in the current year is expected to increase 4-5 folds in coming 3-4 years. These stats are enough to tell you about the utility of fitness monitors and other wearable technology. Curiosity is the human nature and these instruments provide you with each and every data related to your entire activities through the day. This is the reason why every fitness freak is ready to have one with him.

Google glass is another fine example of technology mixed with the health and there are other instruments being developed like sensor embedded clothes which send a signal to your friend or relative whenever you are in trouble. Another device is one like an electronic tattoo directly applied to the skin and for recording health related data.

We’re at the beginning of a new era where we will be able to monitor our bodies, pulse rate and broadcast information about ourselves which was not possible before. Technology has bought a big change, but it might prove to be scary for some people who are prone to problems like high blood pressure, obesity and the kind of people who stay distant from physical work. But at the same time they should take it positively and should try to make improvements in their health.

At last, it’s worth mentioning that the new era in wearable technology has just started and it has many many miles to go. To conclude as I always say stay healthy and stay tech savvy.


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