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virtual worldWhile the limits of virtual reality are due expansion increased the interest in the atrium of the oculus rifts create games and virtual-reality experiences was limited usually to those who can program.

The entry for the creation of the Board of Directors for anyone wants to with the barrier Sixense, a company known for its motion-controller, to surpass those in virtual environments to reduce a little know-how design with its future software development kit. The unit and integrate the SixenseVR SDK engine, two most popular game engines, the designer unreal a series of tools that already support the most game platforms.

The main reason is important because very often developers such as designers and artists have great game concepts but are not with programming and others see their ideas come to life, often depending on Unreal 4 has a similar vision and used a system called plans to developers enable script using a system of Visual function node.

Integration of the unit of the SDK means that the creator created asset storeal ready active on unit one of the hundreds of thousands can download. This includes everything from characters, weapons, objects or environments. As soon as they brought, what they need, it’s just a matter of virtual reality for the character controls, attach, bland said.

Sixense originally designed the system movement, working with own controller as the system of an open platform, which was financed on the Kick starter for commercial distribution in October. Formerly Sixense, only licensed his control of the movement, other technology companies such as Razer, but it produces now also own material.

Because of this, says platform opened Ruby, Sixense CEO Amir since then, much further than other companies in the motion control in the creation of products for Visual Reality Games. Company also wants to make sure that the SDK with each potential controller and the platform Finally Sony headphones project Morpheus and PlayStation move works controller, but followed only input from regular position oculus rift and game controllers.


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