You Tube To Remain Offline on Android Phones of Indian Users

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As per the official statement released by the company, it has announced that You Tube save service would be made available to Indian users the sooner. No indication on when it could be available to other parts of the world has let out. The users of You Tube in India will be able to soon save videos of the Google owned service thus making it handy to watch it offline. This feature will tend to extend globally in the near future as said by the company. The feature will be accessible via the You Tube application on Google’s new android one smart phones launched in New Delhi. Smart phones working under the Google’s android operating system are employed by billions of people worldwide and the newly launched android one smart phone is the part of company’s aspiration to reach out to more billions.

It has also been announced by the company that You Tube save service will be accessible shortly but mentioned no date. This new feature of You Tube save would be of great beneficial especially when there is a very slow internet connection or while re-watching videos with no data plan on use. Google has engaged in tie with the local handset markers of India Micromax, Spice mobiles and Karbonn to make the android one smartphones, the starting price of which will be from Rs.6399. While around 1.75 billion people worldwide already own smart phone, the wide majority of the population of more five billion don’t, said by the Google’s vice president.

Google also mentioned that the phones will be affordable and made of high quality. It will be sold through the online retailers based India. The new Google smart phones come out with enhanced security features and with more than million applications. The smart phone markers have joined the huge race to the base of India’s economic since they battle for more customers in the increasingly growing segment of low end market where the opportunities are enormous as per the analysis. India has now achieved a market of fastest expanding market worldwide and stands as third largest market followed by china and US.

The cheapest smart phones have now been retailed at two thousand rupees, which is a way down from the average fifteen thousand before two years. The technology consultancy India ventures the annual sales growth of smart phones of about forty percentages for the next 5 years in price sensitive nation, which could be a home to thirty three percentage of the total world’s poor. Smart phones now contribute a ten percentages market share amidst the population of mobile phone users in India, as analyses by the consultancy IDC. The handset markers of India and the other growing markets seem to have been moving forward to achieve fixed line technology which was utilized in the developed markets. They are using mobile broadband to render internet access to users who do not have their own computers.


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