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Gaming is a religion for many and PS4 is the temple for this religion. This is one hell of a machine which takes one to a different world all together when it comes to gaming. Ps4 is undoubtedly the best machine and much better than its competitors in many ways. Whether be it performance or games or looks it is far superior. Now to satisfy your hunger for games we keep reviewing the best games for PS4 and here is our compilation for you this time.

Watch Dogs

One of the most hyped and eagerly awaited game since its announcement at E3 two years ago finally makes it launch and offers its fans an exciting experience of gaming in modern-day Chicago. WatchDog is ’s a perfect combination of Assassin’s Creed 4 meets GTA 5 meets Batman Arkham City thus smart ideas and innovation is clearly reflected in this game. The plot focuses on the high-tech exploits game’s reliance on technology while on the other side it shows human emotions.

Pros: Impressive Graphics, Massive story and range of activities, Gunplay and effective stealth and driving with amazing hacking tools.

Cons: Story is less engaging and some action scenes are blow out of proportion.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Undoubtedly the game is at its very best with the new Lara impressing many players and the storyline has enough mystery to keep you hooked even if it is your second play. During the game some of the ideas are under-exploited like hunting and survival expects but to keep your excitement and adventure ON there is no shortage of stuff to find and collect extra goals to complete. You may use a headset microphone and PS4 camera to use voice commands.

Pros: Superbly enhanced graphics, well paced game, Strong replay value, storyline and heroine shines.

Cons: Not much of new content, expensive then existing version.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall creates a scene in which two peoples are trying to coexist on one planet with all the problems that creates. This game creates a perfect visual showcase for PS4 platform delight. However the great story is not perfectly executed to offer that thrill and the games Single- player campaign is better one.

Pros: Amazing 1080p HD view, Advanced shooting mechanics, interesting Dual Shock 4 support.

Cons: Storyline lacks proper execution, average voice dialogues.

 Wolfenstein: The New Order

A great chance and try for peoples love for the Wolfenstein original, and for the ways it tries to take the adventure to a new level.

With many chapters in the game, collectibles, perk system and a range of unlock able game modes offer it a replay value. Visuals and graphics are great.

Pros: Lot of goodies for Wolfenstein fans, interesting blend of old and modern mechanics, strong graphics and visuals.

Cons: Game play is inconsistent, jarring shifts of tone

InFamous: Second Son

It is an impressive game with great graphics and lighting effects and richness of details of gaming world. The Seattle experience in the game offers a lot of fun and excitement but in the game it’s a too big a city to destroy. Still the game needs lot of improvisation in terms of options for players to get into the game but still a good attempt.

Pros: Stunning Light Effects, Strong combat and Impressive open-world environment.

Cons: Side missions are forgettable.

The list is long when it comes to action in the gaming world and we shall keep adding more till then enjoy gaming.


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