Tips to secure your Smartphone


Smartphone is a very common sight these days and almost everyone owns one. Since we are so much dependent on our Smartphone’s these days that a day without them and we are almost paralysed. We have not only contact numbers but also many other important information stored in it that we cannot remember all the time. So we should also be aware about the smart ways to keep our phone safe and secured from any kind of theft. Let us discuss few ways adopting few or all of them as per our suitability we can keep our device and data safe.

Use the PIN or pattern to lock your phone.

Majority of users avoid using a PIN or any pattern lock to escape from the hassle of remembering it which is not right. You should know that it is for your safety and security, imagine if your phone is stolen lost, or left unattended, anybody that picks it would have unrestricted the access. If you have pin or a pattern lock enabled at least you can save yourself from this hassle.

There’re many methods to protect a Smartphone. Most of the newer version of phones offers the pattern lock, the personalised pattern or shape that is drawn on screen for grant access, and that is often faster than entering password. The other option is a PIN code that offers the numeric choice to the standard password.

Download apps only from trusted stores

Well we all use our smart phones for browsing and downloading apps which are useful and we need all the time. Ensure that if you’re browsing for a new game or something more productive, use places such as Google Play. Before downloading any app make sure you check ratings and reviews if they are available, and read the app’s privacy policy to see exactly what phone features it will have access to if you download. You can also install The McAfee App Alert features and Site Advisor with app of Verizon Mobile Security may help do some of this work for you. On Android phones, you can go to the Applications Settings and choose not to install apps from unknown sources.

Back up your data

This is one of the most important thing to do that one should always take a backup of their phone data. You can use Verizon’s Backup Assistant Plus and Verizon Cloud, and you save your contacts, music, pictures, videos and documents to the cloud.

Keep the apps updated and operating system.

From time to updates are available for your phone operating system and also for the apps on your phone which not only offer new features, but also offer tightened security.

Log out of websites after making payment

If you make online shopping or do financial transactions using your Smartphone make sure you log out from those sites once your transaction is complete. Also never save your usernames and passwords on your phone and avoiding transactions while you are on public Wi-Fi.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Make sure if you at a public place and not using any of these services you switch them off as many hackers use these platforms and services to connect to your device and access files.

Avoid giving out personal information.

Any text message or a phone call or an email from any financial institutions or asking your details or passwords or login details make sure you do not share that information unless and until you verify and make sure that the source is genuine and for what purpose it is required.

Install an Android security app.

You may choose to install a security app on your phone and there are many reliable apps available and offer great features as to lock, remotely locate, wipe or alarm a lost or misplaced device.

Your smartphone device is your safety so you should be alert all the time when in use as well as when not in use.


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