Tips to make your Laptop faster


So are you reading this on your laptop and majority of you will say yes as an answer? Remember when you got your laptop the first day its performance made you awestruck and with each day and months passing by the performance gets low. It has become slower and you must be thinking how may I go ahead and restore my machine to work the same way as it was working the first day. It is very simple and here we would discuss few simple tips that you can try out to make your laptop/pc faster.

Uninstall unnecessary programs

If you have too many programs installed on your system it is going to slow down the performance of your machine. So see what all programs you do not require uninstall them from the system to boost the system performance. One may go to “Add or Remove Programs” where the complete list of all the programs on your system is listed. You may click on the program name and “Uninstall” the one which you do not need.

Disk Cleanup

This option allows you to delete temporary Internet Files, Offline Files or any other unnecessary files which are occupying space on your system hard disk and thus enhancing the performance of your machine. To access this, go to Start Program> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Cleanup.

Check for Spyware

Spyware is software than runs in your computers background monitoring your system usage and sharing information with various companies without your knowledge. If you find one through Anti-Virus scanning delete it immediately.

Install reputed anti-virus software

Installing anti-virus software is very important as it saves your laptop from malicious programs from attacking your computer and making it slow.

Clean Desktop

Make sure whether you download or create a file you must not store them on Desktop of your laptop. A lot of people have habit of doing it for easy access. Create a separate folder and keep all the files there and this would enhance the system performance.

Upgrade System memory

To boost your system performance you may add more RAM (random access memory) to your computer as this is an effective performance booster.

Registry cleaner

Registry cleaner identifies and repair problems within the system registry and is an effective way to enhance system performance. You may use registry cleaner like or

Disk Defragment

You may choose to disk defragment option from system tools options to boost the performance of your system. However this activity might take some time in few programs.

Do not install anything and everything

While browsing you may find many programs or applications which you may find good enough to download. But, stop and check the authenticity and reliability of the software and the website you are installing it from. Do not just go ahead and install anything you feel like as this might ruin your system performance.

External hard Drive

We suggest you to use an external hard drive to store majority of your data as well as music, photos and games. Not only it keeps your data safe but also keeps your system space unoccupied thus boosting the performance.


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