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As the technology improves, it is common for most of us to use the advanced products in our life. The advanced technology makes our work simpler and we save our time with the money in it. When talking about time we look at our watches and most of the people admires how the technology is used in the wrist watch. There were many kinds of branded watches available in the world and most companies use the latest technology in their watches and they called these watches as smart watch. The smartwatch is generally a latest the computer functions in our wrist as the watch is computerized with the software to install many features than the ordinary digital or analog watches. These smartwatches are digital and there is a touch screen display in the watch. You can enhance your timekeeping with many facilities that are available in the smart mobiles and all these are done by the installation of the softwares like iOS or Android.

Some of the applications of the smart watches are available here:

  • Evernote
  • GoPro Remote
  • Music Boss
  • Foursquare
  • Pebble Calendar 2.0
  • Pebble Canvas
  • SpitCast Surf Report
  • Pebble Locker
  • Huebble
  • Timer

All these facilities are available in one smartwatches and it is made by the personal digital assistant (PDA). The wireless headsets can also be connected with the smartwatches via Bluetooth so you can get all the facilities like the smart phones. It is also very easy for the people to carry the watch on their wrist as the weight of the watch is same as the ordinary watches. The cost of the watch is reasonable and you will have all the facilities in the same watch with the use of the latest technology. The battery for the watch is also rechargeable, so you can charge your watch whenever possible. The communication of the smart watches is high as they use the wireless headset, insulin pump, heads-up display, modem, microphone and many others. The heart rate monitor compatibility is also available in the modern watches with the help of latest softwares.

In the early ages the smartwatches performs the basic tasks like the calculations, game playing, translations and many others, but the modern smart watches run all the advanced programs with the Bluetooth. Some of the features of the smartwatches are:

  • Portable media players
  • Playback of FM radio
  • Video files
  • Audio files
  • Answering phone calls
  • Camera
  • Accelerometer
  • Altimeter
  • Thermometer
  • Barometer
  • Compass
  • GPS navigation
  • Map displays
  • SDcards for the mass storage device

Since the GPS is used in the smartwatches all the above facilities are available in the watch and the charge in the watch lasts for longer than the ordinary watch models. The watch has many other facilities like the water proof and shock proof, so the watch is used for Diving, Training and other Outdoor sports. The storage of the data can be made by the use of the SDcards and it can be recognized by the computer.


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