Save Our Earth Enhancing The Biomass With Advanced Technology


Nowadays, most of the people like produce the biofuel for saving energy with the advanced technology. There are many biofuels available in the planet as this is the energy from the geologically fresh carbon fixation. These biofuels are produced from the living organisms with the biomass conversion. There are many types of biofuels available and one is the carbon fixation in the plants as they convert their energy into the solid, liquid and gaseous state. The awareness of using these type of biomass is increasing as the pollution on the earth is increased with the three different ways like chemical conversion, biochemical conversion and thermal conversion so they can be available in all the three states. The need for the energy security and the rising oil prices is the main cause for the popularity of the use of biofuels. The technology used for making this biofuels is the important as there are many advanced facilities available.

Enhances The Green House Gas With The Advanced Technology:

It is also very easy to make the biofuels with the exact technology as they are sustainable, affordable and scalable. Since these are the liquid fuels so these can be used for making the diesel and gasoline. Plants absorb energy from the sun and they store the energy chemically with the sugar content or with similar materials. The Conventional biofuels with the emerging technology is blended into fuel with a small proportion of (5-10%) to provide the useful, limited and reductions in the net gas emissions by the greenhouse. The high-yield biomass with the agricultural residues enhances the green house gas (GHG). This also reduces the pollution so we can live in a pollution free environment with the conservation of energy. This makes the overall potential of the biomass to increase with the fuel emissions savings. The cost of production of this potential fuel reduces much low. Using the latest technology, it is very easy to save the energy and it is also easy to have a greenish environment. Converting the sugars into the advanced biofuels are made easier with this emerging technology as there is more yield for the sugarcane from less land. This type of improved fuel production with the minimal impact on the food supplies makes the planet safe from overheating of the sun.

Energy From The Cellulosic Biomass:

One of the Advanced type of biofuel conversion technology is the enabling to use the alternative feedstocks like fast growing agricultural waste, high yielding of energy grasses and much more. The cellulosic technology is the emerging technology as this method uses the most variety of biomass for conserving the energy. The energy grasses that are purposely grown on the low grade land is also the best feedstock. These types of grasses can produce up to 3 to 4 times of gallons of ethanol per acre when compared to the crops like corn and many others. This creates the best positive effect on the soil quality and with the top emissions of the biofuel.


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