Online gaming: excellent time pass but disastrous addiction

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Online gaming is very prevalent these days among new generation these days. But parents are becoming more and more worried because they think that it is a distraction and their kids don’t seem to get any benefit. At some point of time it is true but at few instances, gaming helps to develop a lot of qualities in the child. Even grown up adults are fond of online gaming. Game developers leave no stone unturned to bring great ideas and graphics in order to attract gamers. They come up with the most predictable plot for kids and at the same time they release a story line that is tough nut to crack. Today I would reveal few surprising facts about online gaming.

It makes your child social

With the advent of online gaming, the idea of one player game is completely outdated and it allows the child to make contact with other players who are online and playing the same game. In this way your kid becomes social as now he is able to make friends with even unknown people.

Adults are equally active

Online gaming has become a popular pastime, not just for kids, but for grown-ups also. It is true that often notorious adults try to trap child gamers to misguide them and take their undue advantage. That’s why you should always look what type of games your child is playing and in addition to this not all the games are meant for the children so it is important to teach your child about which games should be played and which should be avoided.

It can cost heavy on wallet

Online games accessible via “free apps” are very dangerous sometimes as these games can be free of cost at first but when the interest of the kid increases, the developers start to encourage kids to buy the paid version. You have to be very careful if you have your credit card attached with the device on which your child is playing the game. It can literally burn a hole in your pockets if the child is left unchecked. Hence you should be careful and always keep a check on the gaming habits of your kid.

It has educational benefits.

Each and everything on this planet has negative and positive sides and the same stands true for online gaming also. There are plenty of advantages of gaming. Many schools and even corporates encourage gaming as a mode to develop team work and it shapes one’s mind to think creative and logical.

As long as you are selective about the types of games you allow your child to play and monitor his activity on gaming platforms, then your kid will be able to enjoy the benefits of online games without endangering himself or your bank account!


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