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It is a well known fact that everyone’s hair is different from others as the chemical bonds of every individual’s hair are different and unique. Due to this, the one person may have curly hair whereas others have completely straight type of hair. If you are having a curly hair and wants to straighten it, you should interfere with chemical bonds and make changes. In most of the cases, this straightening is usually done with the help of a straightener. One of the recent technologies which have been used in the world of hair straightening tools is ions. The companies which manufacture and provide hair straightening equipment are looking for a feasible way of retaining the straightness and smoothness of hair for a longer period of time. One of the most popular hair straightening tools which are used by a lot of hair style specialists are ionic hair straightener.

What Are Ions?

Before getting to know more about ionic hair straightener, you must have a fair idea about what ions are. An ion is considered to be an atom or molecules that have been charged. The molecule or an atom by losing or gaining an electron gets a positive or negative charge respectively. As a matter of the fact, positive ion is considered to be unhealthy whereas a negative ion is considered to have better energy levels as well as overall health. The hair straightening equipments tend to create negative ions and helps in transmitting health to the hair.

Credits Of Negative Ions To Hair:

An ionic hair straightener helps in neutralizing the positive ions which are found on hair and then convert them into negative ions. However, these negative ions make the hair look healthier and provide the individual with the appearance of having silkier, flatter and smoother hair. Apart from making the hair to look healthier, these ionic hair strtaighteners can also rejuvenates the hair. The interesting fact is that the negative ions also have the tendency of removing bacteria and dirt from hair and even deodorize it by removing odors.

How Ions Are Produced?

The ionic hair straighteners produce these ions through water molecules. These water molecules are emitted from the iron and convert them into fine particles which can re-condition and re-hydrate the hair. After the absorbance of these molecules into the hair, they will be restoring moisture balance. Most of the ionic hair straighteners are made of ceramic and these ceramic hair strtaighteners can straighten the hair without any potential damage. They make use of infrared heat which quickly penetrates the hair and focuses on the cuticle of the hair. But, this is not the case with that of non ceramic irons as they cause immense amount of heat damage.

There are also some ionic hair straighteners which contain tourmaline which is a precious stone that generates a huge number of negative ions on heating. The negative ions which are produced by tourmaline reduce the probability of hair damage and also ensure that your hair looks silkier and softer.


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