Movavi Video Converter Review – Switching MKV to MP4!


Do you have a lot of MKV files on your hard drive? Over the last few years in particular, MKV has become one of the most popular formats of storing HD videos – but unfortunately it does have its drawbacks. Suffice to say, you may very well find that you need to convert all those MKV files into some other format – sooner rather than later.

“Why Convert MKV Files?”

Despite the current popularity of MKV as a format, the fact of the matter is that there are two main drawbacks to these files:

  1. MKV files tend to not be supported on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets
  2. MKV files are normally quite ‘heavy’ so even when they are played on a PC they may not be smooth

Due to these drawbacks, it may be a good idea to convert all your MKV files to a format that more convenient. Of course, that is assuming that you’d like to be able to play these videos on your mobile devices.

Simple One-Step Conversion

Check out the instructions at: As you will be able to see, converting a MKV format file to MP4 is not complicated, especially not when the Movavi Audio Converter has over 170 presets that are equipped to deal with any situation.

All that you need to do is select the relevant preset, and you’ll be able to convert your MKV format to MP4. It really is that simple, and that is part of the beauty of this video converter. The reason why MP4 is generally chosen is that MKV files can be converted to that format with minimal loss in quality, while at the same time MP4 files are supported by the majority of mobile devices too.

The bottom line is: If you want to be able to convert hefty MKV files to more compatible MP4 files, then the Movavi Video Converter is the tool that you need in your arsenal. No other video converter really comes close to offering the sheer amount of features that it does, nor are most as convenient.


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