IPhone 6 Plus Is The Most Powerful Gadget For Everyone


Hello friends. I have been waiting for long to write an article on Apple and finally I got the chance. I would like to tell you that I am big lover of large screen phones as it prevents me to shed some extra bucks on a laptop or a Tablet. I am a big lover of Apple phones and I strongly prefer to use the same instead of android phones which are ruling the market these days. Finally, I took a sigh of relief when Apple launched two new phones i.e. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

IPhone 6 and plus version both come with 5.5 inch screen and 2 months back, I bought Iphone6 plus for me. Gradually it has become my personal computer and most of my work, including my office is in pocket. I have been a diehard fan of Apple as I have already mentioned, hence it’s but obvious that I had each and every gadget including iPad and iPod.

I am sad as well as happy. Now you would ask why? Well the answer to this would be that my iPad which I bought about a year ago has now become useless as most of my work is done over my phone. I bought the former for $ 500 which is of no use now. At the same time I am happy that now everything is now in my pocket and I don’t have to carry a bulky gadget all the time. I had a Mac book too for my official works like checking mails and reading long PPTs. J But now most of the tasks are completed with the help of my iPhone plus. I can now even watch videos in my phone, thanks to 5.5 inch screen which is ample, for enjoying your favorite videos on YouTube.

The biggest benefit is the battery backup of iPhone, which I found to be somewhere around 30-35 hours. This much of battery life is enough for anyone who uses his or her phone moderately. Generally bigger phone has battery related issues and I have seen my colleagues panic in the evenings and run after borrowing charger from someone to get some life in their phones. Well, I remain chilled as my phone provides me enough space.

I am content with my phone and would recommend the same to you too. Instead of carrying two gadgets, i.e. I pad or MacBook I have to carry only a smart phone which is the value for money and just the right gadget to have. It has a big screen for videos, ease to type emails and other official works and the biggest thing is the name itself which is Apple.


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