Google’s New Algorithm May Act As A Death Knell For Small Businesses


The judgment day has almost approached and finally on April 21, Google would roll on a major update to its mobile search algorithm that will bring a drastic change, in which the websites rank, when users search for something from their smartphones or tablets.

The algorithm simply means that the websites that have the features like resize to fit, easy to click links would enjoy higher rankings as compared to the websites which don’t have these factors. Data state that more than 60 % of the traffic to the websites comes through smartphones or tablets, so as per the Google, it wants the users to have a great experience whenever they visit any of the website.  The company since February announced about its new algorithm and thus providing web masters about 2 months to upgrade and make the required changes in order to stay high in the rankings but still websites which haven’t done the same would  suffer  up to a great extent.

Most of the small business owners don’t have a mobile friendly website and from tomorrow onwards these people would receive a big blow to see that the visitors to their websites would drop dramatically as they would no longer have the same ranking as they use to have earlier. You can surf to thousands of websites and would witness that they don’t have a standard page which go well with the mobile and related gadgets.  The owners of these types of websites never thought to improvise their sites. But now they would be the sufferer.

As per the Google, the user experience is one of the first things they are targeting as if now. It further added that no doubt a good content attracts visitors to the website and hence it gives importance to quality content but the content is useless if it’s illegible. Hence it decided to come with such a major change which is completely user centric.

Even some of the big brands and websites would get affected by this update like American Apparel, The Daily Mail, official website of David Beckham and many more. All the website owners who don’t have a mobile friendly website have time for today to get the necessary changes done as from 21st onwards the new algorithm would take over.


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