Google Glass, the Spectacular Invention with stunning applications

Google Glass

Google glass, a wearable computer having optical head mounted display is one among the remarkable project of Google that were developed during the Google’s project program to develop a line of head-mounted, hands-free intelligent devices which can be worn by the users as a wearable computing eyewear. It resembles a pair of ordinal eyeglasses, but the lens in the glasses is interactive with smartphone like display having voice command support in natural language as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Google glass is powered with the help of android mobile operating system and it is expected to provide compatibility with both apple iOS powered devices and android powered mobile devices.

Google glass has an asymmetrical design containing the device’s memory, processor and other interior hardware embedded in a curved plastic bar which hugs the right part of your face. A slimmer visor like section of bar wraps around the head is to hold all things in place. There is also a micro USB port present on the bottom part of main body, locating in front of the right ear. This location also contains charge glass and it is the place where the optional earbud accessories are present. The glass prism which project from main body is on the front right part of the face is small and a rectangular glass prism. There are two important ways of controlling the glass, one with the help of voice and other by tapping and swiping on the trackpad. The trackpad and voice are the principal ways of navigating Google glass user interface.

Glass not only offers the visual feedback on the display but also offers the audio feedback. The present version of Google glass contains active shade that turns essentially to a high technology pair of sunglasses. Using Google glass refers that having smartphone kind of display which hovers above the right eye field of the vision. It refers getting audio cues for notification and things like fitness tracking or navigation. There is a great expectation for this Google glass from public, the price and release date of which is predicted to be launched close to April. All new models of Google glass come out with free frames for every prescription glasses or with attachment of free sunglass shade which typically costs 225 dollars. Google glass is now for sale to any person living in the UK and the US. Google glass proves to be an evident that the year 2014 would be thriving for the wearable technology.

Similar to a modern smartphone, there are some physical buttons as well as ports on the Google glass. It is because; majority of the interaction is made through a long touchpad of 3.25 inch on the right side. Under the touchpad, there is a micro USB port for the purpose of charging the device and at the top there present a camera button which is great for fast snaps even in noisy environments. Offering it a slight press turns on Google glass and powers up all-essential applications.


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