Facebook’s Internet.org Project to Make the World Online

Facebook's Internet.org Project

The emergence of internet has made everything possible from shopping to education at the comfort of your home. This simply means that there is no necessitate for you to get out of your living room. By sitting in front of your personal computer with internet connection, you can able to perform almost everything effectively and easily. However, there are some places where internet access is not possible. Several steps have been takes to overcome this reticence. Facebook and a team of partners which includes Nokia, Samsung and Ericsson have launched an idea called internet-org which aims to bring the internet access to almost everyone in this globe. The origin members of internet-org will share knowledge, develop joint projects and mobilize governments and industry in order to bring the earth online.

Increased connectivity:
Internet-org is actually influenced by the booming open compute development, an industry-wide imitative which has lessen the price of cloud computing by means of making hardware designs extremely effective and innovative. According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of facebook, there are a number of barriers found in connecting as well as joining the knowledge when it comes to developing the country. Internet-org brings a global partnership which will work together to overcome these challenges and in turn, make internet accessible to those who may not afford it currently. The present industry is at an exhilarating inflection point wherein the internet connectivity is turning into more efficient and affordable for customers while still providing them great experiences.
Main three aspects of internet.org:
Worldwide internet access is measured to be the next huge industrial revolution. Some recent studies have revealed that around billion individuals in the globe currently utilize Smartphone’s and with tremendous reduction in the price of Smartphone’s, more and more people are anticipated to utilize such high-end devices within the next 5 years. But, getting a Smartphone will not essential mean that those folks will have internet access as data plans in several countries remain expensive for a bulk of population. When it comes to developing countries, the internet.org will mainly focus on 3 key challenges namely making internet access more affordable, helping businesses to drive internet access and using data very efficiently. In addition, potential projects can include collaborations with the intention to develop lower cost and high quality smartphones. The new internet.org initiative has a big potential to assist in accelerating access to internet for almost everyone.

Improved internet penetration:
Just like the efforts of other technology giants like Microsoft and Google, the internet.org also aims at increasing internet penetration that leads to boost the demands for the products or services of the organizations in underserved market. As a part of the experiment, Google initiated Project Loon which is a small group of balloons launched over the southern Hemisphere in order to get reliable internet access to the most remote regions in the world. Besides, Microsoft announced that it was teaming up with a local internet service contributor and the Kenyan government to provide broadband access by utilizing solar-powered base stations and unused television spectrum in Africa.


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