Facebook today need no introduction as almost everyone heard this word, know about it and have at least created an account and know how to use this. It is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. Facebook is also popularly known as FB and millions of people have their account on it. Some use it for personal use to stay in touch with friends and family and near and dear ones while some use it for business purpose to connect and make their co, and products popular.

A lot of people have their account on facebook but majority of them do not know how to navigate and use many of the cool apps facebook offers. So, there are many facebook tips and tricks we will share with you today and see how many of these are useful for you.

Appear online only to few selective friends

Facebook chat is a cool feature inbuilt in facebook where you can chat with your friends who are online. Many times when you go online you do not wish everyone to see and start sending you messages so this feature or trick comes handy when you wish to appear online to few selective friends.

Here’s how you can do it

Go to the chat option on the right side of the facebook page and then click on friends list. A new pop up window appears where you can create a new list and name the list what you feel appropriate. All you need to do is drag and drop all the names you wish to block and then set your status appear offline to this group of friends. With this option you appear offline to them each time.

Post a blank status update

It is a cool trick to surprise your friends how you did this as your friends would do notice a blank status update. I know a lot of people here must be thinking I can put an underscore or a dot or something to do this trick. But we will share a smarter version to it we will share the trick.

All you need to do to post blank status at your facebook page, go to update box and type:

@[0:0: ] and press enter.

If you wish for having several blank lines in the status update, just do copy and paste code the multiple lines. With few browsers it offers question mark at black diamond.

Hide posts from your Timeline

If you wish to hide any particular post from your timeline without deleting it as you do not wish your friends to see it. This is simple all you need to do is hit the pencil icon at the top of the post and select the option “Hide from Timeline”. This way it doesn’t gets deleted from your account but it’s hidden.

Hide the Sidebar

We often notice that our facebook screen looks cluttered and a recommended solution to it is hiding the sidebar. It is simple and all you need to do is, click on the arrow icon on the right hand side bottom corner of your facebook screen. The sidebar will go away and you will have bigger facebook screen now.

View your profile through someone Else’s Eyes

This is a cool thing which almost everyone wishes to do as we all want to witness how our timeline looks to others does. This is simple all you need to do is click the cog icon under your cover photo and then choose the option view as – now you may enter a friend’s name who is in your friends list and see how your timeline appears to them.

There are many tips and tricks which you may explore and make your facebook experience better.


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