Easy and Cheap Software Offers Highly Accurate Traffic Data in Real Time

Traffic Data in Real Time

Traffic Data in Real TimeAt University of Granada, researchers have created new software which offers traffic data in real time with the help of funds offered by Andalusis 2007-2013 FEDER program and also with the support of researchers and personnel from public works agency at Junta de Andalucía, an Andalusian regional government. It is actually a device which provides information on flow of traffic between the cities to the individual users via mobile phone alerts. Drivers can make use of this information in order to opt for the fastest route to reach their destinations easily and quickly. This software is highly reliable and also a low cost method that uses Bluetooth devices.

In fact, it is also very trouble free and quick to install. These devices gather real-time data on the road traffic that in turn sends to the central server. Then this information is processed by utilizing evolutionary neuronal and computing networks and complex data mining algorithms with the aim to furnish users with predictions and information on the flow and density of traffic on any provided route. The current system in use for the purpose of collecting data and generating information on road traffic cannot able to identify the vehicles that they detect. Furthermore, they are also very costly that makes them so expensive for utilization in the secondary roads. This limits their use to chief roads which connect huge urban centers.

As per the PI of this new project, Professor Castillo from Computer Architecture and Technology department at ETSIIT of University of Granada says that “This new system is initially tested in the urban areas of Seville and Granada”. For this, nearly 20 monitorization nodes have been fixed in these areas for collecting data. The data collected by means of these devices may generate a wide range of statistics on the vehicles used in their respective areas. By using this new method, you can able to monitor the traffic density as well as movement on the individual basis because vehicle users navigate between the nodes present within the zone. These devices get the signals which are broadcast by many different technological components available inside each vehicle.

Some of the technological components include hands free devices or GPS, driver’s mobile phones and so on. As much as data seclusion is concerned, the researcher’s emphasis that the data which they gather are not at all associated with any detailed consumer as they do not collect any information which can be enabled for the personal identification of the consumer from which they are composed. With the intention to protect the privacy they utilize encrypting technology which does not permit for the identification of MAC of wireless device that reduces the intrusion within the data collecting process. According to the professor Castillo, this new information system designed at the University of Granada will definitely facilitate the real time information on road traffic, not just for authorities and institutions in charge of regulating and controlling the traffic, but also for users individually through web based devices or mobile phone alerts.


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