Digital Detox

Digital Detox

We all have sometime, someday experienced this and lived, managed and survived without our cell phone. It is nothing new I have often left my cell phone behind especially over the weekends and rather had a peaceful day and it gave me a lot of “ME TIME”. I know many people would not agree to this as they believe that these smart gadgets are now their lifeline and they cannot even imagine moving out without them. Ask yourself who made them so important the answer is definitely you and no one else. People are too much dependent on these e-devices and totally ignored people and self.

But many times I vouch each one of you must have this thought in mind that is it possible to have a life without these gadgets. There is certainly life beyond them and it is more peaceful and calm and how about giving it a try. So, here are few tips to help plan your digital detox.


It sounds well exciting to go for it but are you mentally prepared for it. How about you see people around check out there are people who have a simple life, who do not have gadgets around them, there are people who do not panic when they forget their cell phones back at home or office it’s all inside our brain. If you wish you can manage and survive, yes it is possible. So find the inspiration go checkout videos, meet people and see there is life beyond gadgets and it is simple and exciting and full of fun.

So, plan for your digital detox and see what all activities will you like to indulge in. Pick up some books to read, your favourite articles, magazine, some interesting indoor game or outdoor game which you like go for it its fun. Keep yourself so engrossed so that you do not feel the urge for your gadget.


This is the first step towards digital detox by choosing a day for it and yes time and then strictly adhere to it. You have to not only plan but also need to choose a particular day so that your work life is not affected. But yes, something like switching off cell phone or not checking emails from 8 PM – 7 AM is not to be counted as it is a lean time. But yes, you can choose a weekend where you can afford to avoid emails and cell phone calls and indulge in your own time. May be trying for half a day and see does it offers you any relaxation.


You may start from ignoring your Cell phone or laptop and increase ignoring your gadget count to any glowing screen like TV, tabs, e-book readers and so and so forth.


We recommend you to spend this time to indulge in some healthy and quality time with friends and family so you do not feel the urge or need of any gadgets. This will motivate you to get into more of it, talk to kids, play with them, talk with your wife go out for long walks or cycling which is healthy and valuable time spend.


Once you have lived a day or hours without your gadgets and away from digital life ask yourself what did you get out of it and what did you learn. Learn from experience pen down the good and relax and do not jump immediately on your tab or laptop to check face book updates or emails. Learning is more important and how you can implement it in your work and be more productive or how often would you like to do this.

There is Life beyond gadgets and digits and screens one needs to make a little effort to live it and enjoy these moments where you have you and your life nothing else.


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