The Best Robotic Technology of the Era


We are living in a modern technology as it improves our life style. With the modern technology, the long distance communication becomes much easier and we can talk to other people with face to face in a fast method. The electronics and communication play an important role in the technology as it makes the science fast and without science all these are not possible. Now to make our job easier, we are eager to create the robots to make our work simpler. We can see the robots in all the fields like industry, space exploration, the military, medical applications and transportation. All these fields differ so different kinds of robots are used to the different technology.

There is one kind of robot that make us exciting, so we want this robot in our home as it is special from others and these robots are humanoid robot. Since these robots are built in to resemble the body shape of our human body, these robots are called the humanoid robot. These robots are designed for a single purpose and for multi purposes like interacting with the human environments and tools. Most of the humanoid robots are made with the exterior design like the torso, two arms, two legs and head as these resemble the human body parts. The human facial appearance designed for replicating the eyes and mouth. Most of the robotic companies of the world like to create these types of robots with an Arificial Intelegence (AI) as it makes the robot to think of its own rather than depending on the humans.

ASIMO is a type of humanoid robot and it can be called as the Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. The robot was successfully designed by Honda and it was first introduced on the 21 October 2000. The ASIMO is a multifunctional portable assistant and the robot was demonstrated on July 2014. The size of the robot is 130 cm as 4 ft 3 in tall and the weight is 48 kg or 106 lb. The robot was originally designed for operating in the real environments as it can walk, run, jump and can climb steps. The robot can run at a speed of 6 kilometers per hour. There are many features designed in the robot as it has the ability to identify the moving objects, gestures, postures, surrounding environment, faces and sounds. It has also had the ability to interact with the human and is also can detect the multiple moving objects at the same time.

The ASIMO robots are designed amazingly for detecting the different sounds at any distances and it can respond the sound and it also responds to the different languages of the human as it knows all the verbal answer for all the languages. The mobility of the ASIMO robot is more when compared to the other robots as it can walk at the speed of 1.7 mph or 2.7 kilometers per hour. The target Zero Moment Point control and the floor reaction control work amazingly on the robot so it works faster than any robot of the age. ASIMO has a rotating capability of 34 degrees freedom.


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