Why Apple is such a loved brand – top reasons

Apple-BrandIn a world where simplicity seems to be virtue that’s quickly losing its sheen, there continue to be individuals, organizations, concepts and companies that manage to win, with simplicity right at their cores. When one talks of companies that are winning in the markets by offering simple products, there are examples of all scales and from all verticals. Right from targeted financial service companies such as National Debt Relief to the tech mega-giants of the world – companies are exploring the leverage of simplicity, and making strong statements of success. The most mesmerizing and appropriate example of such companies is none other than the heartthrob of many – Apple Inc.

Why exactly is Apple such a globally adored brand?
Is it the work culture that actually rewards innovation? Is it purely the charisma brought to the management tables by Steve Jobs? Is the tech smartness of the smartphones unleashed every year by the company? There really is no one lined answer to this pretty valid question. In fact, it really is a mix of several reasons that blend well into each other and bless Apple with such customer-riveting power. Here, we present the most noteworthy factors and reasons that make Apple the craze that it is.

The inimitable philosophy of creating products that the creators themselves wouldn’t want to live without!
Sounds complex? Well, it’s really simple. Steve Jobs, in his tenure as the CEO and the showman of Apple, had a crystal clear and strong message communicated to all his development teams, so much so that it is today the basic design philosophy behind everything coming out of Apple stables. The golden rule – create something that you’d yourself want to not part with, leave out what’s possible but not really useful, and make technology the enabler, not the motivator. Simply put, Apple believes in creating products that can simplify things and make an immovable position in a user’s life. On the contrary, other electronic giants are more about ‘technology first’. Rather than geeky engineers trying to create impractical and complicated products, Apple focuses on leveraging technology to give the users what they can really cherish. Drawing a lot from the same philosophy is Apple’s simplistic take at technology. Ease of use is the one guiding light for developers working on the user interface, and that’s pretty evident from the core upgrades made to every subsequent Apple iOS operating system.

Unmatched retail store experience – the Apple community center!
Steve Jobs talked about the need of hand holding customers, that’s because they want to be able to use their smartphones and smart devices in more ways than what conventional thoughts suggest. When Apple ventured into retail outlets, with the first one opening in Tokyo in 2002, many business analysts opined that it were close to foolish for the company to hit the retail market with ostentatious stores. However, Apple’s retail strategy s today is among the many USPs that the brand can flaunt in the market. Apple’s salespersons are knowledgeable to the core of all the products in the store, and that’s also because of the limited SKUs that Apple retails. Be prepared to be welcomes with a greeting that’s something like ‘what would you like to do’, rather than ‘how can we help you’.

Apple is 2 years ahead of its competitors – that’s absolutely and literally true
The one factor that makes Apple’s competitors have sleepless nights is the fact that it has crystal clear winning strategies signed off and in the pipeline for at least a couple of coming years. Even if a competitor patents a miraculously smart technology, Apple has enough firepower secretly buzzing in its vaults which can diffuse any such shockers in the market. To put things into perspective, you could well believe that the latest iPhone you’re hearing about was prototypes and signed off 2 years ago. Yes, this also means that Apple already has a clear cut plan about the tablets and smartphones that will dazzle you 2 years from now!

More reasons – beauty of the product, the ‘Why do it’ motivation, and the promise delivery
Apple has actually redefines the rules of the business, and although it might not be a very smart practice for any company to emulate what Steve Jobs did for Apple, there is indeed a lot to learn from understanding Apple’s rules of business.

Apple reveres aesthetics, and that’s evident from the extra miles that Apple products travel in terms of not only the product, but also the packaging, merchandising, store designs, and marketing materials. Then, Apple asks itself – ‘why make this product’, thus ensuring that what it decides to create is based on a strong focus of improving the user’s life, not just to make more money. Then, the manner in which Apple delivers on its promise of letting users enjoy companionship from their tech products is the deal clincher for the brand, making it the true global addiction that it now is.


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