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Android mobile users are always the luckiest persons in a manner that they are often treated with the launch of more appealing and idealistic application that are created by the android application developers. Ever since the arrival of android mobiles, there has been a great boon in its application development and the newly developed application keeps increasing in its number in the google play store. Businesses are also benefited from the more creative android applications which could enhance their business goals. Android phones have reached a greater height that it has been shown that over two hundred million android applications are being activated, which refers that huge numbers of people are making use of android enabled devices. Since the time, it was introduced till now; it has undergone different updates with each making it better to the previous versions. Open marketplace is another reason for the reach of android platform that makes the application development more beneficial and feasible to the clients.

Apart from applications that are business oriented and using for other purposes, there are also application that targets the working parents and the school going children to grab their interest. A is for app is an android application, which is referred to as an IT alphabet.

This particular application is targeted for the use of IT moms and dads who are willing to share things with their kids. There are numerous children’s books available about firefighters and farmers, but how it is possible for a child to understand their IT parents. This application is designed exclusively for parents to while away a quality and fun time with their children. Through this way, the children can very well understand the business and IT concepts in an infant friendly way. And at the same time, it is also a great tool for parents to learn alongside while spending with their children. In with the help of this application, the parents can develop their children for a digital future. A is for app application has also brought upon an interactive IT fun that the children can aware of.

While considering the features of this application, each letter starting from A to Z has a fun IT notion. Each letter will make some word related to IT that can be read and also will offer a way for child to play. The unique daddy mode and mummy mode is useful for adjusting the graphics and text of the books. The digital hand painted art provides abstract concept to the children in their way of learning. The fun flashy graphics inspire your child and will reward them with the exploration of technology. More than forty zany sound effects are featured with exciting giggles and thrills. As it is mentioned above, each word mean certain IT related word, for example, C is for cloud, F is for FTP, I for internet and P is for programming. If you are a IT professional with children, then A is for app is the best suitable application to grow your relationship with your children.


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