2015 Is A Big Year For Playstation 4 Games, Upgrade Your System Now

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When you look at a list of upcoming release dates for the PS4, do you also feel that sense of excitement and expectation? Between the new Resident Evil edition, Rugby 15 and The Order: 1886, 2015 is shaping up to be an awesome year for video games. Whether your gaming style leans towards shoot-‘em-up, sports simulations, action adventure or extended narrative-style role play, any player will have plenty to look forward to this year. So grab some Doritos and plump up your cushions because you and your couch are about to become best friends for life.

Recent studies have shown that video games may slow the aging process and improve signs of anxiety and fear in those experiencing mental and physical illness. (See mom, they’re not all bad!) In fact, scientists who studied 681 healthy individuals aged 50 and up, indicated that playing 10 hours of a specially designed video game was able to stall the natural decline of different cognitive skills by up to seven years. Video games not only keep you “up-to-date with the kids,” but can also impact the formation of cognitive diseases, including Alzheimer’s. While people seem to get the wrong impression of gamers as socially awkward nerds who prefer virtual reality to the real world, there’s a reason why that these games are so fun and challenging for your brain. The best games, like the PS4 flagship RPG series Final Fantasy, suck you in with a narrative that’s comparable to any Oscar-nominated movie. You can engage with a video game in a more direct, physical way than a season of Breaking Bad or an engrossing novel. As the controller and console system also becomes more sophisticated, thanks to wireless gaming and high-resolution graphics, you can truly feel transported into an alternative universe.

If you love your PS4 and are excited for a whole new year of video games, you should consider investing in the proper protection to ensure its life for the years to come. Not everyone can go out and buy a brand new Play station and two accompanying controllers (valued at $100 for a set) every time they malfunction. Your system is powerful and intelligently designed, but can still fall victim to dust, grime and overheating, thanks to the delicate fan belt interior and nature of electronic devices. Controllers can especially take a beating, as every avid gamer knows. (Who hasn’t hurled one across the room during a difficult final boss battle?) There are ways to protect your gaming gear in a way that actually enhances its natural design. Customized Playstation skins are available online and will make a huge difference in extending the life of your gaming centre.

These adhesive stickers, specifically designed to fit your PlayStation to the millimeter, can be easily slipped onto any console and controller and are made from high quality 3M vinyl. This is the best possible material for the job. If your system falls victim to dust, grime or the dreaded liquid spill, simply remove the exterior sticker and wipe it down with a wet washcloth. You can then slip it back on and enjoy years of heavy gameplay without any damaging residue left behind. The right products from a reputable online retailer also come in a variety of cool, eye-catching designs. The company dbrand crafts their PS4 controller and console skins in styles ranging from silver titanium to mahogany faux wood paneling and are priced quite affordably. (Check out all their PS4 models over at dbrand.com/shop/playstation-4.)

Whether you’re a solo gamer or the type who loves to play Call of Duty with a whole crew every weekend, the 2015 list of upcoming PS4 games is reason enough to get excited. By adequately protecting your system for any situation, you’ll be able to play to your heart’s content. Game on.


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